Author: Llew Silverhand
Brigand, part-time juggler, aspiring silversmith.

Llew’s Journal vol 2

(In a far-off realm, on a small, almost forgotten branch of the World Tree, Llew wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings.)      What is this place? The last thing I remember is being part of a party escorting Marta through

From the personal journal of Llew Silverhand…

     Festivals, tournaments, feasts, whatever you call them, they’re all the same. The crowds gather to be entertained, food vendors sell their somewhat questionable wares, people try their hand at various games of skill or chance or luck. Luck.

My Lady Tirza

My Lady Tirza, I pray this finds you well, and that negotiations with the Dark Cloud and Wei Tang Marauder clans have gone as planned. I advise caution when dealing with the Brethren of the Southern Isles. Their leader, Captain