Sneak Peek Handbooks & Map 2018

Welcome to 2018, our Feast is tomorrow!  We thought you might be interested in seeing a preview to the changes we have made to our various handbooks.   Also, here is an updated map.  Hope to see everyone tomorrow.


To My Dearest Constantine

Mathis, Messages in a Bottle part 2

Before I say anything else, I want you all to know I tried to do good.  This is my apology and the explanation I feel you all truly deserve.

Elric came to Audreena and me for help.  We weren’t given specifics, all we knew was that he believed he could bring back King Balin.  To accomplish this, we needed to find three wolf pendants and a special box.  As we were collecting taxes, we found 2 I took one for myself, and Elric wore the other. The third we discovered hung around Riven’s neck.

Audreena took a liking to the necklaces, so I gave her mine, and she placed the wolf pendant around her neck. If I had known what would happen, I never would have given it to her.

Elric informed me that once all three were in the presence of the Hunter, all we needed to do was open the box.  As fate would have it, we all were in town.  I grabbed the box from Elric and, expecting the King to appear or something, opened the box.  

  The second the box opened, my only love, Audreena, turned into a wolf.  This was the last thing I saw before my chest was caved in by the Hunter’s hammer. 

When I returned to the woods, I was greeted by the Hunter, who grunted an apology of sorts.  He explained that “Fenrir Wolf had taken those that wore the necklaces. They were now cursed to live as wolves.”  They were wild and killing anything they came across.  He could tame them, but to do so, he needed to defeat them.  I agreed to help, in hopes that after they were tamed, a cure could be found for my love.

Before we could tame them, they had angered the denizens of the Wood.  The people of the Wood began to arm themselves against the wolves and created hunting parties. 

Alongside Vigo, named steward of Champion’s Hall and thus Lord Elric’s second in command, we used our powers to attack all that threatened the wolf pack.All I could think to do to help Audreena was to join the wolf pack and Vigo agreed. SoI used my Druidic powers to become a wolf, and somehow Vigo was able to stand among the wolves without being attacked. The wolf pack at that time consisted of Elric, Riven, Audreena, and myself as wolves with the Hunter controlling the wolves. Vigo supporting the pack with his magic. However being a wolf didn’t make me strong enough to protect her.  


While all of this was transpiring, a plague had taken hold of the Myth Wood. It had come through some crystals that meteors brought when they crashed in to the Wood.  I was sick, as was most of the denizens of the Woods.  

Vigo told me that he had a plan that would make me strong enough to protect the wolf that Audreena had become, and possibly cure me of the plague.  I figured if Elric trusted him, so should I.  I thought also that, maybe, the cure for the plague would work on others too.  At least then, maybe I could stop everyone from hunting my love and make up for my terrible mistake…. 

Partial note found in a bottle written by Mathis we believe

Pain all Troll feel.  Bones break, grow, muscle rip and mend.  Troll am born as slave to one call Vigo.  

Boss say kill people, protect puppies.  Troll like puppies, people try kill puppies so troll want kill people.  

People run like bunnies.  Troll call people bunnies.  Troll is funny.

Troll find bottle.  Bottle have words on paper.  Can read some.  Words hard but troll try put words in bottle too.  Think important.  Bye Bye Bottle…

This note to was found in the bottle written by a Troll?

Troll can remember little from before born.  Can remember more words.  Troll remember who puppies were.  Troll remember not always slave.

Troll decide not to like be slave, but still must do what boss says.

Troll thinks one of puppies is special to him.  Troll remember magic that can protect puppy that special to him.  

Oh yea, troll must tell bottle about other troll.  Trolls are friends.  Trolls play fun game called stab.  You see, first troll stabs Troll, then Troll stabs troll. Is fun; Kinda tickles.

Troll find lots of flowers when boss was dead.  Couldn’t find puppies so went to town.  When in town get magic used on me.  For short time, troll have new boss.  Still not like being controlled, but must follow orders.  Not ordered to kill but just to stay in building.

Troll got bored. 

Troll must find a way to become free like other trolls.  Troll must think.  Thinking hurts a little, but it gets easier every day.

Well, bye bye bottle see again soon….

Another note by the Troll in the Bottle. 

I have learned much.  I now know of terrible mistake I make before become troll.  I also remember Vigo’s betrayal.  I believe it is the book he carries that give him control over me. He still boss, but he thinks he too smart to be taken down by troll.  I must wait till opportunity arises and not waste chance to be free.

I have gained a better grasp on my magic.  I also remember a name, Mathis.  I think it was my name before I was troll and forced into slavery.   I also remember the name Audreena.  She is one of the wolves.  In fact, I think it is the wolf that feels special to me.  I think I love her.

She believes she has learned a way to make her become her again.  I learned this when I used a spell to control her after we lost track of the Hunter.  I hate the thought of enslaving her, but it was the only way to keep her docile.  

Boss Vigo has agreed to help return her to her natural form.  I think he fears that he won’t be able to control the wolf pack when the Hunter is gone, and this would make them a threat.  Regardless of his motivation, I am happy that he will be healing Audreena of my former self’s mistakes.  

It worked!  We created an altar to some wolf god and she transformed into a beautiful human with pointy ears.  Now I needed was to gain my freedom.  I come up with plan.  The plan was simple, find a thief to steal the book from boss.  Plan seemed perfect, but couldn’t get away from boss Vigo long enough to pay for thief services.  

As luck would have it, a band of humans had different plan.  Humans’ plan was to get special weapon to kill Vigo once and for all.  Unlucky for them, they ran into us and were quickly killed, but lucky for me, I was then in position of that very weapon.

The hubris of Vigo was his downfall.  He thought it would be funny to gather all who live in the Wood together, and after that, demand they choose one of their own to be sacrificed to him.  He would in return have me give the weapon to one of the humans.  That is when I found my opportunity.

I had standing orders to kill anyone I see that threatened our group.  In ordering me to give such a weapon to our enemies, Vigo himself had become a threat to our group.  As the humans entered the town, I took the blade and ran him through. 

I was free, or so I thought.

I was still bound by his last command.  I had to kill on sight.  I was trying to help the other troll  save the gnomes, but even though I warned the humans that they needed to run, all they did was grab a torch.  I tried not to, but i killed them all.  I couldn’t help it.

Audreena couldn’t remember anything from her time as a wolf.  She had no idea that I was Mathis or that I had no choice but to kill.  She was still willing to help us trolls and as she was part of “the group” I could be around her without killing her.  She was able to collect everything that we needed to help the now free gnomes create a cure.  She was also able to somehow get all the magic users to sign away the control magic.  

The humans needed to test the cure.  After all I had done, I felt the least I could do is be one of the test subjects.  I even thought of a way to get to the test site without my need to kill to take me off track.  I pulled my hood over my eyes and let Khaos lead me, pretty smart, huh?

I hope it works.  It burns me from the inside, but if it works it will be worth it.

Hope to write more bottle…

Final note in the bottle, written by Mathis while he was a Troll.

Myth Wood 2018 Season Schedule

Welcome to the 6th season in the Myth Wood. We have chosen the dates for 2018. There is a little wiggle room in these dates so let us know if there is some reason one won’t work for you. As always, we will do our best to accommodate the dates for the most people.

– April 7th Winter Feast and Awards Ceremony
– May 19th First Event and Tournament
– June 23rd Second Event
– August 11th Third Event
– September 15th Fourth Event
– September 22nd Matt & Danielle’s Epic LARP Wedding

Llew’s Journal vol 2

(In a far-off realm, on a small, almost forgotten branch of the World Tree, Llew wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings.)
     What is this place? The last thing I remember is being part of a party escorting Marta through the Wood to accomplish something or other. We had gotten to the graveyard…she was speaking some strange tongue… I looked at the book she was reading from…a page strayed and was blocking my view, so I reached up to hold it down…bright flash…falling…darkness enveloped me…then, a small, far off voice, heavy accent, fading into the distance. Can’t make out the words.
     The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor of a small room filled with shelves, upon which were rows and rows of books and glass jars and vials of all shapes and sizes, their contents a menagerie of colored liquids and strange items. Suddenly, I was aware of a small man with a thin, grizzled beard, dressed in a shabby brown robe and a floppy, pointed hat asking me how I felt.  I slowly stood to my feet and replied, “I’m not sure. Ok, I guess.” “I’VE DONE IT!” he screamed. “I’ve given you the power to defeat the Gnarthak and rescue the princess! They said I was crazy, well I’ll show them who’s crazy!” “What are you talking about? What princess? What is a gnarthak? Where in blazes am I?” I said. But my questions fell on deaf ears. The old man was lost in his own revels, babbling on and descending into almost maniacal laughter. I decided I was going to find no answers here. I left to explore my surroundings, only to find that, whatever had happened, I had wound up in the shabbiest, dirtiest, most pitiful pile of rocks that had ever been mistaken for a castle. And everyone I met kept mistaking me for someone called Phil. 
     Something has gone terribly wrong, and I mean to find out what. 

The Bones of Vigo

Vigo was slain in town by his own thrall… Everyone was there to witness it. With Titania’s dagger, his enthralled troll stabbed him in the neck. Whatever possessed it to do so, we may never know.

After his death and everyone left the town, I went to investigate the body. A dark miasma began to rise from his corpse as I got closer to it, and eventually his clothes and flesh all completely disintegrated. Oddly enough, only his bones were left behind. I ordered my men to bring those bones to Grey Arrow. My advisors questioned me about it, and even I had no explanation as to why I made that decision.

The only explanation I could come up with was that Vigo’s influence over the Myth Wood was strong and dangerously powerful despite his evil intentions. And with the strange note we received talking about the rage of the titans of Tartarus, this power could potentially come in handy at some point and if we ever needed it again, these bones could be the answer to retrieving that power once more. My advisors give me great insight into the decisions I make, but without the insight and opinions of King Balin and Jarl Elric, my closest companions, I had to make these decisions on my own and hoped that they were the right ones.

I knew that bringing the bones of Vigo into the keep, and keeping them in the Myth Wood at all was a bad idea. I knew that making this decision without consulting the other great minds in the wood, was a terrible mistake. But one thing I knew for sure, was that the safety of the woods was my top priority and is my duty to protect. If I have to call upon a power we tried arduously to destroy in order to protect it, then so be it. I’ll take time to prepare ahead and take great precautions when dealing with such evil. That much I understand and can guarantee for the people.

Not only will I have to deal with having the bones of Vigo in my home, there are always those in the woods who are watching. Word will have spread of these remains being in Grey Arrow and I must take precautions against that as well. His followers were just as evil as he was, but they were loyal and held him in great esteem. No doubt they will try to bring their leader back from the dead.

It’s only a matter of time until the wood becomes a war torn region once more. Whether it be a civil war or war against the gods. No matter what, we will do all in our power to be ready.

Gnome on the Street

As told by Fenik Blackwhistle, the Opinionated

Discovered by Ryn Hawkwind

So, I was peacefully asleep, enjoying a dream not related to those damned mines for a change, when a howl pierced that dream. I slammed awake and realized the Talls that roam this wood during the warmer months had returned. I walked out of my quaint tree home and saw troll Riddick fighting with the Talls, with much hatred and gusto. I was curious as to why the troll was so violent, he seemed so benevolent to us and where the new troll with him had come from. I then noticed that there was a man in dark purple robes, and an evil grin on his bearded face, and they both seemed to be under his sway. That made me rather uneasy, to say the least.

 I made my way to what these giants call King’s Rest, and there I saw a group discussing how to rid the woods of the werewolves, a young general, a soldier, and a thief, a rather odd grouping in my eyes. They were looking for others to join their party, as they didn’t feel competent to complete this task on their own, and went off in search of others. I soon saw them with two more in their party, another general with the legendary FairenGar, and a magic user. Those magic users all look the same to us, fancy robes, magic bag of crap, and they love to make their enemies stand in place, only this one seemed unfazed by the pure white Mythranium around his neck. They went off in search of the werewolf, and I nodded back off, hoping to return to my rudely interrupted dream. I do hope they get these werewolves taken care of……

I was again awoken, gladly this time, as the nightmares of the mine returned, by the same group of giants gathering around the tree in King’s Rest. There was talk of killing someone named “Vigo”, and how this thief wanted to see the person be removed from this land for good. The magic user with the Mythranium necklace removed Titania’s Dagger from the tree, and the thief attached it to his belt, which had many pouches, probably filled with other people’s money. Dirty thieves, stealing from those who work hard to earn their keep. Anyway, they set off in search of their quarry, and my what a band of misfits they were. Mercenaries, soldiers, magic users, generals, thieves, all working as one. It made me smile, to see those of different classes come together. I decided to follow them, as this seemed important to watch, and my nap was ruined anyway.

They went to the graveyard, and tried to lure this “Vigo” into a trap. One of the larger giants yelled something about a “Red Rover”, and asked Vigo to bring it over, or something like that, but this Vigo wasn’t falling for the trap. The thief with Titania’s Dagger and two others left, leaving those in the graveyard to presumably draw Vigo to them. I followed the small group, hoping to see the Dagger used wisely, and shortly after making their plan, the man in the purple robes, as well as some less savory fellows, appeared and killed them. They called this robed man “Vigo” and I started to understand their desire to kill him. He held sway over my Troll friend, and that angered me. The other troll killed the thief, absorbing his energy and making it some sort of magic armor, and picked up the Dagger. I had lost hope in these adventuring giants, and thought their plan had failed. I decided to go back to King’s Rest to try, yet again, to get some sleep. Working during the night to keep this place neat is no easy feat, and makes one weary, so this disturbance needed to be ended somehow.

I was awoken to Vigo yelling something about a deal to be made with the adventuring group as they walked into town. He started to say he would give Gadaren the fabled Dagger, when the unfamiliar Troll plunged it into his back. Vigo’s eyes grew wide in pain and fear, realizing that he had been betrayed, and that his being was slowly fading from these woods forever. The adventurers had no idea what to think of this, as that troll had always worked against them. Then, when they determined that this was indeed no ploy, there was much rejoicing amongst the giants, realizing that their mission had succeeded, though not how they had imagined it, no doubt. Maybe now I can go back to sleep, there will be much cleaning tonight. Blood stains don’t come out of grass very easily….

July Rankings

Guess what, stats are calculated just in time for the next event.  Here is a quick snapshot of the kill count ranking for the day of July 22.   As usual if you want any specific info about your character let me know.   See you on Saturday!

June 2017 Rankings & Experience

I have the experience points calculated and the rankings complete.  With the massive use of the Soul Union spell it was a bit more complicated than usual but I figured it out.  Here are the rankings based on kill count  only and a list of all the characters who leveled up.   We had over 50% of all the characters who were in the Wood that day level up!  Congrats to all.   If you are interested in your personal experience points shoot me a message and I will look it up for you.   

June 2017 – Thanks & Photo Album

 Thanks to Jen, Chelon, and Chelsea for taking photos on Saturday!   If anyone has any more please let me know and I will get them added to the event album.  

June 2017 Photo Album

Thank you from Ed

So the first L.A.R.P. of the season was a great time, and ended as a wet one. For the first time in five years mother nature did not let us get a full day in. Not going to lie I was a little disappointed. That being said though, the first part of the day was a terrific experience.
Everyone was great, the day was hot but pleasant. We got so much story in and lots of wonderful battles. Thank you all so much for the great characters you play and the fun you share.
I would like to put out a special thank you to the folks that came out and helped with all the building and prep work. Vigo Blackhearte., Shawn Bachmeier. Matt Kolecki, Danielle Kitley, Brent Pick., Joey Janowski, Jermey Jeremy Cox, Danyel Jabas, Jason Johnson. You guys rock, thanks for helping make the Myth Wood look great.
Also, let me never forget Chelon Rasmussen for being our Eir, and Jen Woody for coming out and being our new Banker, thanks ladies.
I look forward to seeing everyone on the 22 of July for our next L.A.R.P.

Thank you from Vigo

I wanted to give a big heart felt thanks to everyone that sacrifices their labor and time for the Myth Wood to make it such the wonderful place that it is today. Thank you Edward Ableman, Amy Patterson and ElVera Ableman for allowing us into your lives and onto your lands to wreak havoc upon our foes and for giving us the chance to make new friendships and comrades in arms (as well as the chance to devour ElVera’s divine baked goods, for without them, we’d most certainly be lost).
I would also like to give a special thanks to Scott Milliman and Davin Woodcock for being the most useful, vile, sickening, twisted and willing minions a Tyrannical Overlord could ask for. You have both done me proud this last session and I will have your continued servitude in the days to come.
To my new comrades in arms I say this to you; Oderint dum metuant!
Lastly, I’d like to thank those who made it out to the LARP (even though the second half was rained out) for the chance to sacrifice yourselves to Vigo. You may have had the easiest job there, but you did it well and with style (I’m looking at you TyFong Ackerman) and I love you all for it.
Thanks again everyone! I had a blast and I hope to slay you all again at the next one!
-Vigo Blackhearte Future Dread Overlord of the Myth Wood.

During and After the Tournament

After the defeat of the skulls, a celebration was in order. It felt like an everlasting fog had been lifted and purpose had been made clear. There was so much left to do and so many things to learn.

Once things settled down, the minor lords and stewards organized a tournament and festival to celebrate victory over the skulls. Craftsmen, enchanters, and chefs came from distant lands to sell their strange and exotic wares. It was a time of merriment, which I gladly took part of.

After having to take up the mantle of leadership, I had been drowning in meetings and paperwork, always one minor issue after another and it never seemed to end. I decided to take a break from it all and try my luck in the tournaments.

Soldiers and mercenaries from all of the Myth Wood were there to participate.  When it was my turn in the ring, I fell on my arse a few too many times for my liking. I was disappointed at how terrible my swordsmanship was and decided I needed to improve it. I just… didn’t know who to ask or where to start. I didn’t feel like I could ask any of the soldiers or mercenaries. I’d be paying a pretty penny for a chance to increase my swordsmanship, but it would also offer a chance to slander my name. Bardic stories of the wrong kind could easily ruin my reputation, which I could not afford at the time. Instead I decided to go back to Grey Arrow to see if there was anything in the library on swordplay or something similar. I don’t remember how many hours I spent in that library, but what I found made every hour worth it.

Deep in the archives I came across some old scrolls tucked away in the back of the shelves. It spoke of special training for young gifted Gray Elf children to create what was called a “Vardr”. The majority of the time, many of the children failed the first trial. The Trial of Gar it was called. An incredibly technical trial of swordsmanship. It required the focusing of an inner “Selbho”or magic power that affected the physiology of the subject. Reportedly, only three in ten pass the trial. Those who didn’t pass had all magical power burned from them, but those who did gained lightning quick reflexes, their eyes changed, and other bodily enhancements were noted. It was a terrifying and disturbing read, but intriguing nonetheless.

If the young elves survived the first trial, they would then move onto another test which is known as the Trial of Weid, which involved the focusing your “Selbho” through the eyes, and allowed for better magical vision, and understanding. Unfortunately, it also resulted in partial blindness to normal sight. There was very little information on the details of the trial, but according to the name it must’ve had something to do with traversing your own dreams in attempts to find an answer to something? Or maybe to confront something to surpass one’s own abilities.

After finding these scrolls, these  “trials” have been on my mind ever since. I wanted to find where these “trials” were being conducted, I wanted to find how to use this “Selbho”, and lastly… I wanted to see if it was possible to either train, or even become one. It sounds ridiculous, and it sounds dangerous and idiotic, but I HAD to know.

April 2017 Tournament Rankings

The rankings for the April Tournament are complete and you can view them here on our Rankings page.  Congrats to the following characters who leveled up.  I hope to see everyone this weekend at our next event.  When you come bring the token you received at the feast, it could come in handy.  Don’t forget to read the latest story as the information in it sets up the storyline for this season, The Realm’s Rover.

  • Vigo/Victus Blackheart (8)
  • Balin Grumpkinsbane (7)
  • Riddick (6)
  • XanXus (4)
  • Rocky (4)
  • Aquilan (4)
  • Khaos (3)
  • Darkness (3)
  • Everand Sackville Baggins (2)
  • Drubert ShieldBreaker (2)
  • Barlo BoulderCrusher (2)

From the personal journal of Llew Silverhand…

     Festivals, tournaments, feasts, whatever you call them, they’re all the same. The crowds gather to be entertained, food vendors sell their somewhat questionable wares, people try their hand at various games of skill or chance or luck. Luck. Never believed in such foolishness. Too often good luck is given credit when it rightfully belongs to training, or cunning, or a well played con. Bad luck is blamed, in turn, for lack thereof, on carelessness, or over playing your hand. 
     Just look at them all. Cheering their favorites, stuffing their faces. Placing wagers on who can knock who off a log with a bit of a stick. All the while not noticing a few coins missing here, a purse there. A ring slides off a finger after a firm handshake and a slap on the back. Such baubles and trinkets are not missed whilst there’s entertainment to be had, food to be eaten, wine and mead to be shared in the revelry. Prizes will be awarded, cheers and more mead and ale. But who are the real winners here? 
   “Your purse is gone?! Family crest signet missing too?! Your wife’s jewels?! Ahh, bad luck friend…”

The Realm’s Rover & Event Reminder

Are you excited for the new season yet?   Did you remember we have a L.A.R.P. event coming up?   Are your weapons sharpened?  Is your armor cleaned?  Water skins filled?  Anti-bug spells recharged?

A new manuscript appeared on my desk this morning!  It’s obvious that someone took a fair amount of time to document the antics of a strange new character.   If you are looking for a leg up on the story-line this season take the time to read this story. If you don’t want a leg up read it anyway, it is worth the time investment. Here it is: The Realm’s Rover

If you still need to catch up on previous stories here is the link to them: The Archives

June 17th is our next event, we will start at 10AM as usual with setup starting at 8.   Let us know if you are planning to camp out.

Please remember to bring out plenty of water and bug spray.   We will have our standard potluck for lunch so bring something to share (not required but appreciated).


Tournament Photos & Handbook update

Larp (12) So I have not yet finished the statistics for the tournament day.  I would apologize except that the Myth Wood has remained quite busy this week!  We have weapons being built, buildings going in, and the Gnomish Groundskeepers have been working to control the spring growth.

This event was a first for us in many ways. One of them was having a Myth Wood Battle Photographer for the day.  Tanner was awesome and captured close to 200 images of our day.   I have added them here for you to see, if you want better a better quality copy of any of the images please let me know, I had to downgrade the quality so I could get them to post properly.

Also, we have finally posted the copy of our advanced classes here.  Let us know if you have any questions about them.

The Lost Journal of Jarl Riddick

It has been just about 12 years now since King Balin found me alone and lost In the Myth Wood. He was with his brother in arms Elric.  They brought me to their home and let me stay there, as long as I agreed to work for them. I was a mercenary at the time and was to take orders from them first, and from my other employers second.

At the time Balin was only the Lord of Hammers Hold. We were strong together, we could conquer the Myth Wood slaying both men and beasts alike. Yet it could not last, I had been a troublemaker and adventurous back then. I moved on to advance my skills as an assassin leaving behind the mercenary I once was, and the home of Balin and Elric. I became a shady person through those who had taken me in, and what I learned under their wing as a mercenary. Despite my change of careers I tried to keep peace with Balin for I had no quarrel with a man brave enough to become our King.

Shortly after I had been taken in by the assassins,  the dark book of magic had been discovered. Marta gained her soul back, and became a Sorceress beholden to the Book of Magic. I feared she still felt the rage of the succubus in her blood.

It was around this time, on a hot summer’s day that Elric and I, went on a stroll past Grey Arrow keep when we stumbled upon Marta. She was struggling to move a book out of the Battle Arena of Valor. I asked her, “what kind of book could this be?” she could not tell us. All she knew was she needed to take it to a sacred place to decipher its contents. Marta had asked us to help her transport this magical book of power to the Graveyard of the Fallen. For she was much too weak, and it was draining her energy.

Elric and I had agreed to help her, for she was no longer with the Daemons, she was one of us. So we made it to the graveyard, and Marta begun reading from the strange book, when a fury started to grow within me. My bones ached and twisted my head was throbbing, I felt angry, upset, hurt, my thoughts….  I could not control them, they were, controlling ME!!! A disgust I have never felt before, a hatred for all who entered the Myth Wood.  My body grew hot and fiery. My skin became like leather. I was… invincible?? this cannot be, nobody has this kind of power.

A year later I found myself lost once again in the Myth Wood. Or was I? NO?! Then where am I? I have never seen this place and who are these Ordin that have woken me?  Where have I been all this time? Am I dreaming? How did I get here and what are these stories about a troll and a werewolf?! Why am I covered in burns? Could it be true? As I lie on the ground I begin to see the Myth Wood as I once knew it.  Yet it had changed almost as if it had been ravaged by war. Like Zeus himself had slashed the Earth, and uprooted trees. Destroying the walls of Kings Rest. I had found myself in a place called Tickle Town.  Familiar faces had come to welcome me back, although I didn’t recall leaving.

They had doubts about me. They were even scared at times. My sword was covered in blood. I was covered in blood. What had I done? Was it not a dream? The thirst for blood had never felt so real. They say I had endured an ancient ritual. The soul of a troll who had once roamed this land had taken over my body. They say he had resentment for the slavery of gnomes working for our money. He kept trying to call the Myth Wood his land, and we were all trespassers in it.

What happened to our Kings Rest? Where was King Balin? When will he be back? How long must the slaughter of our people go on? Will the Mysterious hunter finally make peace with us? I must find King Balin, and help him restore order, perhaps I could get some help. He deserves to have a good crew to back him up, even if he isn’t here. Although I’ll need to make some dirks, good help is hard to find these days, and money does talk…

Updates to the Website

Yesterday was a fantastic Feast day!   It was great to see everyone and get a chance to talk through the end of last season and the beginning of the next. Now that we have reviewed the handbook and new magic rules with everyone we are posting them. I have moved things around a bit, renaming “Histories” to now be the “Archives”.  Enjoy and let me know if you have any problems.

Tournament date confusion

We recently changed the date of the tournament and are now hearing that the new date doesn’t work for people.  Please let us know which date will work best for you.   April 29th or May 6th.

Tournament Date Change to April 29th

Due to scheduling issues we have changed the date of the Spring Tournament from May 6th to April 29th.   If there are problems with the new date please let us know as soon as possible.


The Six Higher Powers Story

The latest story of the Myth Wood is now ready. Enjoy!

The Six Higher Powers