Mathis, Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle – Part 1

I hope this message finds its way to you brother. This strange place I find myself in seems to have cut me off from all familiar sources of power. I even attempted to call forth the family Water elemental, the lazy thing is ignoring me. I’m putting this note in the sacred bottle, now that lazy thing will have no choice but to spirit my message to you. The second it touches any water it should feel that uncontrollable pull to it. Glad father was able to finally work that magic.

First I must warn you, the first mate is plotting against us. I’ve had my suspicions for some time, but it is now confirmed.  The treacherous fool must have slipped something into my food, for now I find myself in some strange forest. Some others on the crew must be in on this attempted mutiny for them to have landed and brought me so far in land. If you receive this in time trust no one.

As for where I am…..well I woke in front of an arch that led to a forest on what must be a large uncharted island. So large in fact there isn’t even the faintest sign of the sweet smell of the sea. As I walked through the archway I saw trees like nothing I’ve seen in all our travels. Not a single palm or coconut, instead a forest such dense leaves it’s hard to see through. It truly is a sight to behold. You would love it I think. Sadly, I can’t identify anything that could give me the least hint as to how you could find me.

A few moments after I entered the wood I was approached by a local thief. Apparently, he was attempting to start a Thieves Guild. Hoping these thieves were like those at home I figured why not, get some information, maybe a few coins, and possibly a clue as to where I’ve been marooned. Good crew if you ask me. When you get here I’ll offer a spot to replace the mutineers. They aren’t the most battle tested but they are honorable. Well, as honorable as any thief can be.

There is just so much to tell. Like one of those stories Father would tell. You know how he and his crew slaughtered all the trolls, well he missed one. I found him here, where ever here is. It was my greatest pleasure to rob the brute. I was evading the creature, as I personally had no means of dispatching him, that fellow that brought me into the guild had a fun little plan.  His name is Ryn Hawkwind by the way. He thought it would be a funny thing to have the troll ended by one he was trying so hard to exact revenge on. Like I said we need him on the crew, one with that kind of instinct to add insult to injury of our enemies may even be first mate material.

Oh, another warning if you get here and don’t find me first whatever you do don’t open the void box. It contains binding contracts that you will be compelled to accomplish. No way out of them and no way of knowing what type of contract you will draw. I made the mistake of pulling out one such contracts and was forced to hunt down the King of this strange land whom I had never seen, and insult him until he agreed to a duel where I would have to fight with one hand behind my back. So here I am looking for the King when a local mage informs me that she was off to see the very man I was hunting down. So I followed her thinking the whole time “Oh goody, I get to insult the Monarch of this land that I had never even met. Can’t wait to be on the bad side of a King in a place I’m unfamiliar with. No better way to make a good first impression really”.

So we finally find King Balin, who was wielding a hammer larger than any I’ve ever seen as if it was nothing. I waited patiently for her to finish her business, then suddenly words sprang from my lips. I said some dither about skulls being stupid, and how the bandana he was wearing was extremely tacky. I then proceeded to tell him he was such a bad king that I could take him using just one hand. Not the best insults I’ve ever thrown around but they did the trick. I surly wasn’t on my game and was quickly vanquished. Not sure what power lies in these woods but when I lost instead of the death I expected from such a blow I was just transported to the archway again. Very strange indeed. I will really have to remember the King has such a short fuse. Can you imagine if I had insulted his skirt? Yes, this strange land has a King who wears a skirt.

Well brother Hope this reaches you. I feel cut off from the old powers and am not sure if this will delay our elemental. I will send an update as soon as I can, with luck I’ll have some clues as to where in the 9 seas I am.

P.S. Dibs on the racist Elf Lady. Just in case you see her before you find me. May the sea be calm and the wind fill your sails.

Message in a Bottle – Part 2

So the bottle is still here. I’m adding this note, though I am a bit disheartened seeing that the bottle is unmoved. Perhaps I should find a larger pool of water, or it’s possible it will take longer for the elemental to find me so far from the sea. I will trust in our sacred bottle.

Well I guess I’ll inform you of what’s transpired since my last note was written. As I woke this morning I was noting how nice having a pouch full of coin was, when an entity in a spirit-like form entered my body. Though it was difficult to communicate, I was able to tell that it was a being of power. One that did not have a body of its own, but that could bestow power upon a willing host. It was able to get across to me that its last host had been able to expel it through a ritual. It also informed me that once its kind was just a conduit that linked a person to some deity called Validus, but not long ago the local inhabitants meddled and gave these beings souls. Now possessing a soul it did not want to return to the ether and was requesting that I allow it to reside in me. We struck a bargain I received power that I hoped would help me find a way home and it got to stay on the material plane. After I agreed to house the soul I was given the name of the one that had expelled it, Riven. Understandably it was upset at being sent to its version of a demise. I was able to retain control, well mostly. I am now unable to steal. Apparently this being is all about order, not a bad trade off as I still have friends that would be willing to do the dirty work for me, I will miss the rush in taking items right out from under the noses of the unsuspecting. I doubt the guild will still allow me to remain a member now that I am unable to take a single coin without express permission.

The powers I have received while very useful, are not enough currently to get me out of this place. I guess I will need to strengthen myself, get acclimated, and force my will on this world to escape these woods and get back home to the sea.

On a fun little side note it appears that the half elf I mentioned earlier is now under the influence of these entities as well. She doesn’t have her memories but her personality is still as strong as ever. The lack of memory works in my favor as I stole a kiss a bit after I wrote my first note to you. She threatened my life, but didn’t strike me so I figured I still had a shot. Now she doesn’t remember it at all. She is definitely still beautiful and full of fire. Part of me wants her to be herself again death threats and all, you know how I like a challenge.

Now that I have had more time here I have noticed that the locals are in the grip of a three-way war. Not one they are choosing but one that is being forced upon them by 3 powerful beings that are residing in different colored skulls. The blue skull is about order through ruling with an iron fist, the green skull claims to be for balance though it appears that they are more about tipping the balance to be on top, and lastly the red skull who is for complete chaos.

The creature that inhabits me must have more influence then I had originally thought. I was against taking a side and giving up my freedom but I was compelled to take a blue piece. Those that had blue pieces were given abilities that enhanced their own. I started as a simple pawn but moved up rapidly in the ranks. When the day was done I was the champion of the blue skull. I contemplated challenging for control of the skull. Not sure if that gives sway over the pieces or just gives more control to the being in the skull but if it gives me power to assert my will on all below me then no one would dare challenge my might. I would be able to bring order to the land, and any that thought differently would make great fertilizer for the wood.

Message in a Bottle – Part 3

The bottle is still here! When I see that filthy lazy elemental that dares to defy my will I will bind it to an outhouse.

News brother. The power of the skulls is no more. While those of us that were under the control of the skulls were murdering each other, a brave knight and noble elf entrapped the entities that had once inhabited the skulls. Sadly the elf forfeited his very soul to the cause.

Now free from the control of those wretched beings I have had time to learn more about the place I live. I now know that the Ordin seem to control the government. The shops and banks are all Ordin run as well. Oh I forgot to mention, I am no longer a silly human. I have risen above, I’ve become better, I am now an ever-powerful Ordin myself.

Now that I have fully embraced my power it has grown to amazing levels. I am able to grant one of the denizens of these woods immortality as long as I live, all they must do is follow my every command which they should be doing even without my gift. I have gained the power to steal a soul and use it to bolster my own defenses. Much better then snatching coin, right brother? My newest power is to change my very form to that of an amalgamation of wolf and man. The world should pray I never find my way out of these woods that have entrapped me so.

When I gain enough power to escape we will rule the seas, all of them. I may even take the land our father abandoned so long ago. Order will blanket the lands from respect and if not then fear.

Since last I messaged you I have time to get to know the monarch of this place. I misjudged his anger. He knew of the contract and did me a kindness. He is a just, yet not too soft ruler. I should be grateful for his generosity given our first interaction, I just feel that a ruler should do so with an iron fist. He tolerates Daemons in his realm for Validus’s sake. If I were ruling I would have hunted down and exterminated them long ago. Such vile thing deserve no mercy and no quarter. I would eradicate the very remembrance of the sound of the word Daemon!!!


Brother, stay away from here. I just read what I have been writing. This is not me, I would never …… you know me. Take this note as evidence that I may not be me next we see each other. You know I have no love for law and order. We have spent our entire lives fight against the very thing I now desire most. I fear I am losing the fight for my very existence. I may one day win back my freedom from this parasite but till then I beg of you to not even look for me. Being that the bottle has never moved even an inch you may never even get these messages. That is probably for the best, as I would prefer you to remember me as I was.

Well if by some miracle you do receive this then this is goodbye my brother. If I return to myself I will attempt to reach you again. I hope that day comes.