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April 2017 Tournament Rankings

The rankings for the April Tournament are complete and you can view them here on our Rankings page.  Congrats to the following characters who leveled up.  I hope to see everyone this weekend at our next event.  When you come bring

Updates to the Website

Yesterday was a fantastic Feast day!   It was great to see everyone and get a chance to talk through the end of last season and the beginning of the next. Now that we have reviewed the handbook and new

October 2016 Recap

Well everyone, once again a wonderful season of comes to an end in the Myth Wood. Thank you to everyone who made our final l.a.r.p. of 2016 so much fun. To recap the day: The skulls of Order, Chaos,

Winter 2016 Feast and Tournament

View Thumbnails Many of us gathered together last Saturday for our annual tournament.   There were 15 people participating in the tournaments and about the same number of kids and spectators who showed up. There were two tournaments throughout the

September 2015 Results

Here are the rankings for the September 2015 event.  It was a great day and the stats show it!  The following characters leveled up:  Aurora (Bri), Balin Grumpkinsbane (Adam), Calinos (Steve), Erik Matrius (Mark O), Gadaren (Joey), Llew Silverhand (James),