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Tournament Photos & Handbook update

 So I have not yet finished the statistics for the tournament day.  I would apologize except that the Myth Wood has remained quite busy this week!  We have weapons being built, buildings going in, and the Gnomish Groundskeepers have been working

Updates to the Website

Yesterday was a fantastic Feast day!   It was great to see everyone and get a chance to talk through the end of last season and the beginning of the next. Now that we have reviewed the handbook and new

Request for Submissions

Hello Myth Wood denizens.  I hope the beginning of the off season has been good for you.   To help us to keep up interest through the off season we are trying something new this year.   We are asking all

Game of Keeps Pieces & Skulls

Myth Wood Game of Keeps Pieces Keep – Holder gets Rally, and control of all other pieces of its color. Champion – Holder gets +2 armor, +1 weapon. May challenge the holder of the Keep piece for it. Mage –

Handbook Update 6.0

The Scribes of the Myth Wood have been busy updating and revising the handbook.  There are significant changes and additions.  Check it out.   We will be available tomorrow to review and answer any questions that come up. Here is

The Honor System

I’ve thought about this subject often over the last few weeks and it came down to just two questions really. What is the honor system and why do we use this instead of referees? Simply put, the honor system is

The Magical Weapons and items of The Myth Wood

In the L.A.R.P. Realm of the Myth Wood there have been many different magical weapons and item that have influenced events. I will now try to made a comprehensive list of them with a bit of a history on them

Spring is Here: New Handbook Version 4.5

With the warm weather of spring comes the itch to get outdoors and beat each other with weapons! LARP season is almost upon us again. The Scribes of the Myth Wood have been busy updating the handbook with clarified rules,

Mage Class

With the most recent updates to the handbook we have added 3 new classes. The Mage is the base class that anyone can start out with.  At the next event we will allow anyone interested in switching to change to

Handbook Update: v4.0

The handbook has been updated again. There are far too many changes to list out here. The biggest one is that the Mage, Wizard, and Sorcerer classes have been added.            

Handbook Update: v3.5

The handbook has been updated again.  The most recent changes are in red text.  Here is a summary: Added Titles and their Abilities Fixed Fire Arrow and Fire Arrows description Added Dulled weapons Added Enflame Added Demon Weapon Also, don’t

The 15 Rules of LARP

The following 15 rules were written some years ago in Great Britain, and have been pretty much generally accepted on the British larp scene. I got this copy from the Diary of a Croatian larper and thought you may find them fun

On the need for Side Quests

“I like to believe the Myth Wood has a little something for everyone. Of course the options are not always apparent.” ~ Agamemnon to Grimner, shortly after his arrival in the Myth Wood. One of the most important things for