Author: Eir Valkyrie

Sneak Peek Handbooks & Map 2018

Welcome to 2018, our Feast is tomorrow!  We thought you might be interested in seeing a preview to the changes we have made to our various handbooks.   Also, here is an updated map.  Hope to see everyone tomorrow.  

Myth Wood 2018 Season Schedule

Welcome to the 6th season in the Myth Wood. We have chosen the dates for 2018. There is a little wiggle room in these dates so let us know if there is some reason one won’t work for you. As

July Rankings

Guess what, stats are calculated just in time for the next event.  Here is a quick snapshot of the kill count ranking for the day of July 22.   As usual if you want any specific info about your character

June 2017 Rankings & Experience

I have the experience points calculated and the rankings complete.  With the massive use of the Soul Union spell it was a bit more complicated than usual but I figured it out.  Here are the rankings based on kill count

June 2017 – Thanks & Photo Album

 Thanks to Jen, Chelon, and Chelsea for taking photos on Saturday!   If anyone has any more please let me know and I will get them added to the event album.   June 2017 Photo Album Thank you from Ed

April 2017 Tournament Rankings

The rankings for the April Tournament are complete and you can view them here on our Rankings page.  Congrats to the following characters who leveled up.  I hope to see everyone this weekend at our next event.  When you come bring

The Realm’s Rover & Event Reminder

Are you excited for the new season yet?   Did you remember we have a L.A.R.P. event coming up?   Are your weapons sharpened?  Is your armor cleaned?  Water skins filled?  Anti-bug spells recharged? A new manuscript appeared on my

Tournament Photos & Handbook update

 So I have not yet finished the statistics for the tournament day.  I would apologize except that the Myth Wood has remained quite busy this week!  We have weapons being built, buildings going in, and the Gnomish Groundskeepers have been working

Updates to the Website

Yesterday was a fantastic Feast day!   It was great to see everyone and get a chance to talk through the end of last season and the beginning of the next. Now that we have reviewed the handbook and new

Tournament date confusion

We recently changed the date of the tournament and are now hearing that the new date doesn’t work for people.  Please let us know which date will work best for you.   April 29th or May 6th.

Tournament Date Change to April 29th

Due to scheduling issues we have changed the date of the Spring Tournament from May 6th to April 29th.   If there are problems with the new date please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks.

The Six Higher Powers Story

The latest story of the Myth Wood is now ready. Enjoy! The Six Higher Powers

2017 Event Dates

Here is the finalized list of dates for 2017. 1. March 25th will be our Feast, we will discuss all things Myth Wood, name the new nobility and eat delicious food. 2. May 6th, for the Tournament, it will be

2017 Planning

Happy New Year from the Myth Wood. I hope 2017 is a good year for all the denizens of the Wood. To aid in that endeavor, we have tentative dates for all the 2017 Myth Wood L.A.R.P. events. Please, if

Request for Submissions

Hello Myth Wood denizens.  I hope the beginning of the off season has been good for you.   To help us to keep up interest through the off season we are trying something new this year.   We are asking all

Final October 2016 Rankings

The 2016 season has come to a close.  We had a fantastic year as well as last event.  Ed and I would like to thank you all for coming out to help us have such a great time. The final

October 2016 Random Battle Factoids

So I have started pulling together the numbers for the October Event.   No Matt, I am not done with it yet.  But while crunching numbers here are a few things that I noticed.  Since Ed is busy editing a

August 2016 Photos

July 2016 Rankings

Check it out!  The July totals are done.  Here are the results.

Game of Keeps Pieces & Skulls

Myth Wood Game of Keeps Pieces Keep – Holder gets Rally, and control of all other pieces of its color. Champion – Holder gets +2 armor, +1 weapon. May challenge the holder of the Keep piece for it. Mage –