Month: October 2017

Llew’s Journal vol 2

(In a far-off realm, on a small, almost forgotten branch of the World Tree, Llew wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings.)      What is this place? The last thing I remember is being part of a party escorting Marta through

The Bones of Vigo

Vigo was slain in town by his own thrall… Everyone was there to witness it. With Titania’s dagger, his enthralled troll stabbed him in the neck. Whatever possessed it to do so, we may never know. After his death and

Gnome on the Street

As told by Fenik Blackwhistle, the Opinionated Discovered by Ryn Hawkwind So, I was peacefully asleep, enjoying a dream not related to those damned mines for a change, when a howl pierced that dream. I slammed awake and realized the