June 2017 – Thanks & Photo Album

 Thanks to Jen, Chelon, and Chelsea for taking photos on Saturday!   If anyone has any more please let me know and I will get them added to the event album.  

June 2017 Photo Album

Thank you from Ed

So the first L.A.R.P. of the season was a great time, and ended as a wet one. For the first time in five years mother nature did not let us get a full day in. Not going to lie I was a little disappointed. That being said though, the first part of the day was a terrific experience.
Everyone was great, the day was hot but pleasant. We got so much story in and lots of wonderful battles. Thank you all so much for the great characters you play and the fun you share.
I would like to put out a special thank you to the folks that came out and helped with all the building and prep work. Vigo Blackhearte., Shawn Bachmeier. Matt Kolecki, Danielle Kitley, Brent Pick., Joey Janowski, Jermey Jeremy Cox, Danyel Jabas, Jason Johnson. You guys rock, thanks for helping make the Myth Wood look great.
Also, let me never forget Chelon Rasmussen for being our Eir, and Jen Woody for coming out and being our new Banker, thanks ladies.
I look forward to seeing everyone on the 22 of July for our next L.A.R.P.

Thank you from Vigo

I wanted to give a big heart felt thanks to everyone that sacrifices their labor and time for the Myth Wood to make it such the wonderful place that it is today. Thank you Edward Ableman, Amy Patterson and ElVera Ableman for allowing us into your lives and onto your lands to wreak havoc upon our foes and for giving us the chance to make new friendships and comrades in arms (as well as the chance to devour ElVera’s divine baked goods, for without them, we’d most certainly be lost).
I would also like to give a special thanks to Scott Milliman and Davin Woodcock for being the most useful, vile, sickening, twisted and willing minions a Tyrannical Overlord could ask for. You have both done me proud this last session and I will have your continued servitude in the days to come.
To my new comrades in arms I say this to you; Oderint dum metuant!
Lastly, I’d like to thank those who made it out to the LARP (even though the second half was rained out) for the chance to sacrifice yourselves to Vigo. You may have had the easiest job there, but you did it well and with style (I’m looking at you TyFong Ackerman) and I love you all for it.
Thanks again everyone! I had a blast and I hope to slay you all again at the next one!
-Vigo Blackhearte Future Dread Overlord of the Myth Wood.

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