April 2017 Tournament Rankings

The rankings for the April Tournament are complete and you can view them here on our Rankings page.  Congrats to the following characters who leveled up.  I hope to see everyone this weekend at our next event.  When you come bring the token you received at the feast, it could come in handy.  Don’t forget to read the latest story as the information in it sets up the storyline for this season, The Realm’s Rover.

  • Vigo/Victus Blackheart (8)
  • Balin Grumpkinsbane (7)
  • Riddick (6)
  • XanXus (4)
  • Rocky (4)
  • Aquilan (4)
  • Khaos (3)
  • Darkness (3)
  • Everand Sackville Baggins (2)
  • Drubert ShieldBreaker (2)
  • Barlo BoulderCrusher (2)

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