The Realm’s Rover & Event Reminder

Are you excited for the new season yet?   Did you remember we have a L.A.R.P. event coming up?   Are your weapons sharpened?  Is your armor cleaned?  Water skins filled?  Anti-bug spells recharged?

A new manuscript appeared on my desk this morning!  It’s obvious that someone took a fair amount of time to document the antics of a strange new character.   If you are looking for a leg up on the story-line this season take the time to read this story. If you don’t want a leg up read it anyway, it is worth the time investment. Here it is: The Realm’s Rover

If you still need to catch up on previous stories here is the link to them: The Archives

June 17th is our next event, we will start at 10AM as usual with setup starting at 8.   Let us know if you are planning to camp out.

Please remember to bring out plenty of water and bug spray.   We will have our standard potluck for lunch so bring something to share (not required but appreciated).


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