Gadaren’s Journal, entry #143

The War of the Skulls is over, and the Myth Wood is freed from control of the twisted gods, but not without it’s casualties. Alas, poor Lord Gadin! In the aftermath, Agamemnon and the demon lord Sam’El were exorcised as well, as calmness and peace began to settle across the land.

To celebrate our restored freedoms, we had a large feast in town, which then led to a friendly tournament. This tournament served as exercise to practice and workout our combat strengths, as well as build unity and goodwill among the citizens so that we might stand together against any challenge that might threaten our kingdom at a future point.

At the conclusion of the tourney, his majesty King Balin redistributed the lands to worthy warriors, with Riven now becoming Steward of King’s Rest, Erik being given the Battle Arena, and the empty Gray Arrow going to Rokai, as he was the warrior who ultimately saved us all.

With nothing but peaceful days on the horizon, my shield appears to have little use. I need to have something to keep waking up for, and so I have decided to take up farming, providing food for the land. Unfortunately the soil around Gray Arrow does not seem suitable for these provisions, and I must reluctantly leave my home, and head towards the supple earth of Hammer’s Hold…

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