On the need for Side Quests

Unicorn_web image“I like to believe the Myth Wood has a little something for everyone. Of course the options are not always apparent.”

~ Agamemnon to Grimner, shortly after his arrival in the Myth Wood.

One of the most important things for any L.A.R.Per is character development. Building the character’s personality and making your character stronger while having a great time is the whole point. A big part of that is gaining the experience needed to level up. Each level opens new skills for your character and allows the character to embrace its class more deeply. To level in the Myth Wood you need experience points. The fastest way to get those is through a high kill count. However, not all of us are psychopathic serial killers.

So the next best is side-quests. A side-quest is anything that happens in the Myth Wood that has a story but is not directly connected to the main Scenario of the day. They can be as simple as getting something for a merchant or escorting a merchant to a given destination. They can be as complicated as finding several pieces to a puzzle or riddle whose solution opens a new story arc. The experience rewarded for completing a simple side-quest is often, but not always, worth the same as a single kill. Whereas, the more complicated side-quests may be equal to several kills.

So side-quests are good for character leveling, but they also give a person a chance to develop their character’s personality. Anyone can complete a side-quest, the fun is in how you chose to do it. You could collect all the shoes the Unicorn asked for, like a good little hero. Or you could collect them and auction them off to the highest bidder and to heck with the Unicorn. It is your choice what kind of character you wish to portray.

Side-quests also let you, as a character, interact with and change the Myth Wood through your actions. The merchant who in the beginning of the day could sell health potions, now because of your actions can sell a potion of extra life. The Monk researching the old ruin could have spent the entirety of the Scenario confused by the riddle he came across. Or, with the help of some resourceful characters he could solve it and open the way for magic to return to the Wood. Because you were that character, you will always be able to take pride in the fact that you had a hand in changing the Myth Wood.

In closing, if during a day of slaughter and carnage your arm gets sore from swinging your wonderful weapon of mass destruction. Take a break and check out a side quest. Hopefully it is fun, and it is always worth some experience points.